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SICK PR-STE-END (6021156)

profibus-terminator for DME PR-STE-END
£25.22 excl VAT £23.96 excl VAT

Microscan 98-000051-01 (98-000051-01)

IC-3USB, USB Conversion Kit
£90.00 excl VAT

Sick CH-H10SCK35 (2031093)

CH-H10SCK35 CODE DISC WITH HUB 10 BIT, Hiperface - for SCK
£100.05 excl VAT

Sick CH-H10SCL25 (2031097)

CH-H10SCL25 CODE DISC WITH HUB 10 BIT, Hiperface - for SCL
£119.68 excl VAT

Sick CameraLink framegrabber (6030530)

X64 CL Single Board, Ranger C CameraLink PCI board for one camera 64-bit PCI-X 66MHz compatible interface
£949.03 excl VAT £901.58 excl VAT

Sick Front cover grey (2027968)

PECO Cover grey
£1,013.25 excl VAT £975.76 excl VAT

Sick ICT-R (1029242)

Laser safety box for Ruler E (3B laser variants) with removable key for laser power control M12 connectors and LED indicators for power status
£321.64 excl VAT £305.56 excl VAT

SICK BF-WLL260 (5305402)

£9.54 excl VAT

Cognex 320-0015R ( 320-0015R)

£926.57 excl VAT

Cognex CALPL-1.58MM-00 (CALPL-1.58MM-00)

Calibration Plate, 2.875 x 2 inches, 1.5875 mm squares
£196.00 excl VAT