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SICK 100000495 (6029317)

Lithium-Ion battery pack, spare part for IT5620/IT4620
£55.77 excl VAT £52.98 excl VAT

Banner DX81-NB (3078260)

Banner DX81-NB (3078260)
£133.96 excl VAT

Opticon H-16 (11700)

H-16 Additional Battery / Standard (1440mAh)
£42.00 excl VAT

Banner DX81H-NB (3012000)

Banner DX81H-NB (3012000)
£158.70 excl VAT £142.83 excl VAT

Honeywell 100000495 (100000495)

Replacement battery pack
£33.42 excl VAT £31.75 excl VAT

Datasensor FBP-8000 (FBP-PM80)

Spare Battery Pack (Fixed type)
Call for pricing

Opticon H-16 (11855+11856)

H-16 Additional Battery / High Capacity (2600mAh) (incl high capacity battery cover)
£53.50 excl VAT

Banner DX81 (3076972)

flex pwr battery supply
£194.67 excl VAT

SICK 200001576E (6033887)

Battery charge sleeve for lithium-ion battery 6029317 allowing to charge batteries outside of the cordless hand held scanners (IT3820, IT4820, IT6320).
£35.94 excl VAT £34.14 excl VAT