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Cameras are an essential part of the machine vision kit, enabling pictures to be taken for identification purposes.

Our large range of cameras includes 3D cameras, microscope cameras, smart cameras, and industrial machine vision cameras.

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Cognex CAM-ACE-2500-14GC (CAM-ACE-2500-14GC)

Camera, 2592x1944, 14 fps Color
£458.83 excl VAT

Cognex CAM-ACE-640-120GC (CAM-ACE-640-120GC)

Camera, 640x480, 120 fps Color
£516.74 excl VAT

PixeLink PL-S621CU-KIT (PL-S621CU-KIT)

Interface: USB, C/M: Color CMOS, Depth: 8, Mount: C, Resolution: 1280 x 1024, Size: 1/2 Inch
£615.00 excl VAT

Cognex CAM-CIC-2900-4-GC (CAM-CIC-2900-4-GC)

£13,742.60 excl VAT

Cognex CAM-CIC-4000-25-G (CAM-CIC-4000-25-G)

Cognex CIC-4000 Camera,2048x2048,25fps,Mono,GigE
£1,594.76 excl VAT

Cognex CAM-SCT-1300-32GC (CAM-SCT-1300-32GC)

Camera, 1296x966, 32 fps Color
£1,176.03 excl VAT

Cognex CAM-SCT-1600-28GM (CAM-SCT-1600-28GM)

Camera, 1628x1236, 28 fps Mono
£1,657.13 excl VAT

Cognex CAM-ACE-1600-20GM (CAM-ACE-1600-20GM)

Camera, Basler ace, 1628x1236 20 fps Mono
Call for pricing

Cognex CAM-ACE-2500-14GM (CAM-ACE-2500-14GM)

Camera, 2592x1944, 14 fps Mono
£414.28 excl VAT

Cognex CAM-CIC-2900-4-G (CAM-CIC-2900-4-G)

£13,007.58 excl VAT