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Datasensor SVS2-06-DE-AOR (959951000)

Product Summary

6mm Lens Ethernet Advanced 360 Degree Object Recognition
Manufacturer: Datasensor
Manufacturer part number: 959951000
SKU: 94302
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Datasensor SVS2 AOR Description

Datalogic Automation presents the evolution of the SVS2 vision sensors. The new AOR (Advanced Object Recognition) version is today available together with the OBJ (Object Recognition) model.

The new functionalities offered by the Advanced model extend the SVS2 application possibilities, and so expanding the Datalogic Automation range in machine vision.
SVS2 AOR is...

... Even more POWERFUL

the new 360° Geometric Pattern Match locator finds a template independent from rototranslations. Objects can be located even if the position and orientation is unknown beforehand.

... Even FASTER

the TURBO mode doubles the algorithm elaboration speed, halving consequently elaboration time. SVS2 AOR can also acquire images with reduced resolution. This function, combined with the sensor speed-up, allows to reach incredible execution speed.

... Even more FLEXIBLE

the logical tools combine the results of the single controls in an intuitive and flexible manner. The most common boolean logical operators such as AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, etc. can be used. Moreover, the Ethernet interface sends to external devices all the information calculated from the control algorithms, including the dimension or position of an object or the brightness value of a specific region.

The new SVS2 AOR covers a higher market sector but maintains all the advantages of its SVS2 OBJ predecessor, such as compactness, configuration and use ease. Even if the product concept remains unchanged, the more complex applications requiring high-level performances can be solved today in a simple, efficient and cost-effective manner.


Compact dimensions

The SVS ultra-compact dimensions simplify sensor mounting and so guaranteeing the reduction of the machine dimension and installation costs. The four different focus lengths available allow the user to select the model that better fits the application requirements. The adjustable focus allows the sensor installation in the best position possible.

Graphic user interface

The graphic user interface (GUI) guides the user step by step in the creation of the vision control in a simple and intuitive manner. The on-line help (always active) supplies in real time useful and immediate information. Even unskilled users will be able to solve applications quickly.

8 different control typologies

SVS2 AOR presents 8 different elaboration typologies:

  • brightness
  • contrast
  • position
  • width
  • count
  • contour match
  • pattern match
  • 360° Geometric pattern match

Moreover, different controls can be used in the same inspection. One single integrated and compact vision sensor can now replace many different devices.

Elaboration speed

SVS2 AOR integrates three important new features (TURBO mode, reduced resolution, integrated illuminator in POWER mode) that make it the ideal solution for applications with fast-moving objects.

Logical tools

The logical tools combine the results of the single controls in an extremely flexible manner. This simplifies the electrical connection of the sensor to other devices present on the machine.

20 memory slots

SVS2 can memorize up to 20 different inspections corresponding to, for example, 20 different formats. The inspection change can be carried-out either using the interface or automatically (e.g. PLC)using two different selection protocols. This speeds and automates the machine set-up during manufacturing changes.


  • Compact housing
  • Red LED integrated illuminator
  • Focus knob
  • Selectable lenses (6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm)
  • 4 signaling LEDs
  • Ethernet communication
  • 640x480 pixel grey scale image sensor
  • Up to 300 inspections per second
  • 2X execution speed (compared to basic model)
  • 8 different control techniques
  • 360° Geometric Pattern Match
  • Logical tools
  • 20 different inspections


The new 360° Geometric Pattern Match algorithm precisely locates the position and orientation of a template. The information can be used to re-locate other controls or can be sent to the Ethernet interface as output.
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