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IO Modules

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Banner 45DN1 (3040059)

Q45X Expansion Card - Bus Networks: Bit Strobe; For all Q45X models except emitter; DeviceNet Sensor Bus Protocol; Bit strobe
£63.89 excl VAT £57.50 excl VAT

Banner 45LM8 (3035496)

Q45 Series: Logic Module; Pulse Logic; ONE-shot or delayed ONE-shot; (15 sec. Max.)
£47.48 excl VAT £42.73 excl VAT

Banner USDINT-2L4 (55599)

MICRO-SCREEN DIN Control Module; Blanking: Fixed and 1- or 2-beam floating; Supply Voltage: 24V dc; Output Type: Latch with 4 outputs
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SICK CDB420-001 (1023885)

Connection possibility for one CLV420-450 or ICR840/850 or one CLV480, CLV490 or CLX490 with connection cable 2027046 or 2030023, basis device for CMC400
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Sick CDB620-001S02 (1056432)

£94.44 excl VAT £89.72 excl VAT

Sick CDM Kit bestehend aus: (1026264)

CDM kit including CDM490, CMP490 and power cord, enclosure rating: IP20
£458.15 excl VAT £435.24 excl VAT

Cognex DataMan 100 Basic I/O Module (DM100-IOBOX-000)

Cognex DataMan 100 Basic I/O Module (DM100-IOBOX-000)
£213.82 excl VAT

Banner MAC16P-1 (3057368)

MINI-ARRAY: Controller w/16-discrete PNP Outputs; Input: 16-30V dc; Outputs 1-16: Discrete Solid-state PNP output; Serial Data Output: RS-232
£833.75 excl VAT

Banner MAHCVP-1 (3061331)

High-Res MINI-ARRAY: Controller w/PNP Outputs; Input: 16-30V dc; Output: Discrete: 2 PNP; Analog:2 0-10Vdc sourcing; Serial Data Output: RS-232 and RS-485
£865.37 excl VAT

Banner MAHE13A (3062651)

High-Res. MINI-ARRAY Emitter: 325mm (12.8 in.); Beam Spacing: 2.5mm (0.1 in.); Total Beams = 128; System Range (w/matching receiver) = 0.4 to 1.8m; System Requires 2 Quick-Disconnect Cables
£2,149.42 excl VAT