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Lighting & Illumination

Lighting and illumination is a key part of the machine vision application, enabling the camera to produce legible images of the inspection subject.

Our range of lighting and illumination products include backlights, illuminators and large area lighting among many other specialist lighting solutions.

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SICK ICL110-F142 (1027286)

ICL110-F142 Intense Camera Light Ring Light; 15 x High Intensity LEDs, white working distance 100 to 300 mm
£1,115.46 excl VAT £1,059.69 excl VAT

Sick ICL260-F222-Set01-(red) (1053193)

Sick ICL260-F222-Set01-(red) (1053193)
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Cognex IQBD-073070 (IQBD-073070)

CCS QL Coaxial 73x70mm, BLUE, 24V/18.2W, M12
£1,367.58 excl VAT

Cognex IQBD-075045 (IQBD-075045)

CCS QL Darkfield 75mm, BLUE, 24V/4.8W, M12
£507.83 excl VAT

Cognex IQRD-052050 (IQRD-052050)

CCS QL Coaxial 52x50mm, RED, 24V/7.2W, M12
£525.65 excl VAT

Cognex IQRD-073070 (IQRD-073070)

CCS QL Coaxial 73x70mm, RED, 24V/12.6W, M12
£993.39 excl VAT

Cognex IQWD-034031 (IQWD-034031)

CCS QL Coaxial 34x31mm, WHITE, 24V/3.4W, M12
£761.75 excl VAT

Cognex IS7010-01-120-000 (IS7010-01-120-000)

IS7010 Starter ToolSet, EasyBuilder Only, 6mm, White Light
£2,494.60 excl VAT

Cognex IS7010-01-130-000 (IS7010-01-130-000)

IS7010 Starter ToolSet, EasyBuilder Only, 6mm, Green Light
£2,173.87 excl VAT

Cognex IS7010-01-220-000 (IS7010-01-220-000)

IN-SIGHT 7010 Starter ToolSet, EasyBuilder Only, 8mm, White Light
£3,082.62 excl VAT