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Mounting systems

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Sick ENG,FGS (2017752)

Mounting bracket for opto-electronic protective devices BEF-1SHADAAL4 Bracket Pivoting Mounting position: Device grooves Material: Aluminium Packing unit: 4
£126.76 excl VAT £122.95 excl VAT

Sick GM 901 (2019654)

PUM12-S02 device column for outdoor use with heating 220V for use with M4000 Standard M40x-0250x0xx0, M4000 Standard A/P M40Z-025000xR0, M4000 Advanced M40x-0250x3xx0 and M4000 Advanced A/P M40Z-025003xx0 incl. mounting brackets and screw connector
£1,416.03 excl VAT

Sick Muting mechanics (2044953)

Universal bracket for round steel arm for mounting of W4/11/12/14/18/24/23/27/34, W100/250/260/280, Reflektor P250/F
£16.58 excl VAT

SICK BEF-KE-DME (2019912)

£684.53 excl VAT £659.20 excl VAT

SICK BEF-WN-W45 (2011480)

BEF-WN-W45 Mounting bracket
£33.30 excl VAT £32.13 excl VAT

SICK BEF-WG-W12 (2013942)

BEF-WG-W12 Mounting bracket large
£18.30 excl VAT £17.38 excl VAT

SICK BEF-KPM-DME2 (2014457)

Cooling plate assembly set for water cooling DME2000/3000
£388.92 excl VAT £374.53 excl VAT

SICK BEF-WN-WTR (2017417)

BEF-WN-WTR Mounting bracket
£14.92 excl VAT £14.17 excl VAT

SICK BEF-WN-W23 (2019085)

Mounting bracket BEF-WN-W23
£7.00 excl VAT £6.65 excl VAT

SICK BEF-KHS-H01 (2022465)

Mounting clamp (rod-mounting)BEF-KHS-H01 for V18, IM18, CM18, W4-2 incl.mounting- plate and screws
£12.70 excl VAT £12.06 excl VAT