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Safety Barriers

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Sick SAS4-F028P3PS2T00 (1207711)

Sick SAS4-F028P3PS2T00 (1207711)
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Sick SAS4-S060N3PS1T00 (1207709)

Sick SAS4-S060N3PS1T00 (1207709)
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Sick MSL02 (1015041)

Mirror column for MSL02-x50xx and M20x-02xxxxx cpl. mounted incl. mirrors
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Sick MSL (6008441)

Cable receptacle, straight for receiver
£25.28 excl VAT

Sick MSLS02-15021 (1015373)

£459.80 excl VAT

Sick MSLZ01-15061A (1015495)

Exchange unit
£892.10 excl VAT

Sick M40E-70A320RR0 (1205656)

Multiple Light Beam Safety Device, receiver M40E-70A320RR0 Type: M 4000 Standard Length of monitored area: 1800 mm Resolution: 30 mm (light curtain) End cap with integrated LED System connection: M12 x 7 + FE
£2,264.72 excl VAT £2,151.48 excl VAT

Sick M40E-61A005RA0 (1200137)

Multiple Light Beam Safety Device, receiver M40E-61A005RA0 Type: M 4000 Area Length of monitored area: 450 mm Resolution/beam separation: 50/60 mm System connection: M26 x 11 + FE (Hirschmann)
£754.67 excl VAT £716.94 excl VAT

Sick M4000AP 2 Beam Package (7100923)

with columns & 2 WL280
£1,585.29 excl VAT £1,527.43 excl VAT

Sick C20E-030302A11 (1016449)

Testable Lightgrid C2000 Receiver C20E-030302A11 300mm Protective Field Hight, 20mm resolution
£453.48 excl VAT £430.81 excl VAT