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Sato WWTG30102 (WWTG30102)

Product Summary

TG308Printer With RoHS EX2
Manufacturer: Sato
Manufacturer part number: WWTG30102
SKU: 196490
Weight(kg): 16.2000

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Pricing - Condition Manufacturer New

£3,122.00 excl VAT
£2,965.90 excl VAT


TG308 Printer EX2
Resolution: 203 dpi
Memory: Onboard 8Mb
Max. Print Width: 16/80mm
Max. Print Length: 16/237mm
Print Speed: 50/250mm/sec
A heavy duty printer dedicated to thick card tag printing, most commonly employed for 24/7 garment ticket production. The TG3 is designed to handle tags up to 0.33mm/ 0.013” thickness and the integral cutter provides a finished product at one station, the tickets being collected in the optional stacker unit. Also capable of producing standard self-adhesive labels, the TG3 is the all-round robust retail printer. RFID programming, both HF and UHF, is available as an option for the TG3 printer.
Products specifications
Manufacturer Sato
Manufacturer category Sato TG3