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SICK 4038847 (4038847)

Product Summary

Seal bonnet for cable (15PIN HD connector)
Manufacturer: Sick
Manufacturer part number: 4038847
SKU: 87097
Weight(kg): 0.0038

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Pricing - Condition Manufacturer New

£3.48 excl VAT
£3.31 excl VAT
Technical data
Accessory group:Device protection (mechanical)
Accessory family:Protective caps
Description:IP-65 sealing rubber for extension cables with 15-pin D-Sub plug connection (6010075 and 6020092)
Usable for:CDB, CDF600, CDF600-2, CDM, CLV41x, CLV42x, CLV43x, CLV44x, CLV45x, CLV61x, CLV62x, CLV63x, CLV64x, CLV65x, ICR840-2, ICR845-2, ICR847-2, ICR84x-2 FlexLens, ICR85x-2, LECTOR®62x, RFH6xx, RFU63x
Products specifications
Manufacturer category Sick CLVACC
Manufacturer Sick