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Sick AODG-N1 (6030979)

Product Summary

AODG-N1 OD Max Transparent amplifier unit NPN
Manufacturer: Sick
Manufacturer part number: 6030979
SKU: 180087
Weight(kg): 0.4070

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£764.83 excl VAT
£736.53 excl VAT


  • Several measurement ranges from 24 ... 26 mm up to 250 mm … 450 mm
  • CMOS receiving element for measurement independent of surface
  • High measurement frequency and high linearity
  • Variety of selectable integrated calculations based on values from two sensors
  • Laser technology for precise measurement or detection of very small objects
  • Several output options
  • Your benefits

  • Minimum machine downtime due to its reliability on any surface, regardless of brightness or color
  • Highly accurate measurement, even during the production process, ensures high product quality
  • High measuring frequency of 10 kHz increases processing speeds and reduces cycle times
  • Reduce the cost to change your process by making a reference measurement using two sensors
  • Comparatively low investment costs for challenging measuring tasks
  • An easy-to- read LC display and simple push-button keypad programming ensures simple setup and servicing
  • Reduced material costs, when using the distance sensors to control costrelevant production processes

System part:Controller unit
Response time 1):0.5 ms
Measuring frequency:10 kHz
Additional function:8 memory banks, Arithmetic calculations, Automatic sensitivity adjustment, Teach-in of analog outputs, Teach-in of switching outputs, Set hysteresis, Frequency filters, Hold functions, Peak measurement, Internal data recorder, Manual sensitivity adjustment, Averaging settings 1 ... 4,096x, Switching mode: distance to object (DtO), Switching mode: window (Wnd), Peak to peak measurement, Bottom measurement, Timer functions
Output rate:≤ 0.1 ms
Note:Required for OD25-01T1
1) Automatic sensitivity adjustment = 2 ms  
Data interface:RS-232
Switching output 1):5 x NPN (100 mA)
Analog output:2 x -5 ... +5 V (≥ 1 kΩ), 2 x 4 mA ... 20 mA (≤ 300 Ω) 2) 3)
Resolution analog output:16 bit
Error output (max. output current):2 x alarm
Reference input:2 x zero-ref
Inputs for memory bank selection:3 x bank
Hold input:2 x hold, 1 x hold-reset
1) PNP: HIGH = VS - (< 2 V) / LOW = < 2 V; NPN: HIGH = < 2 V / LOW = VS  2) 3) Source of analog output is either sensor heads, or calculation result  
Connection type:Terminal board
Supply voltage Vs 1):DC 12 V ... 24 V
Power consumption 2):6 W
Warm-up time:≤ 5 min
Indication:1,4'' color display
Weight:240 g 3)
Housing material:Polycarbonat and nylon 66
1) DC 12 V (-5 %) ... DC 24 V (+10 %)  2) When connected with two sensor heads, incl. analog current output  3) Inclusive terminal board  
Ambient data
Enclosure rating:IP 20
Protection class:III
Ambient temperature:Operation: -10 ... 45 °C, Storage: -20 ... 60 °C
Vibration resistance:10 Hz ... 55 Hz (amplitude 1.5 mm, x-, y-, z-axis 2 hours each)
Shock resistance:50 G (x-, y-, z-axis 3 times each)
Relative humidity (not condensing):35 % ... 85 %
Products specifications
Manufacturer category Sick ODMAX
Manufacturer Sick