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Sick ASI-ADPQ (6025330)

Product Summary

ASI-ADPQ Combicon QICB Clamp adapters to loop through cabel 100 pieces for AS-i Switch. cabinet modules
Manufacturer: Sick
Manufacturer part number: 6025330
SKU: 180105
Weight(kg): 0.0075

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Pricing - Condition Manufacturer New

£254.73 excl VAT
£241.99 excl VAT
Technical data
Housing:Live parts: Cu alloy, tinned
Connectors:mit QIC A Schneidklemmen 4-polig (0,35 ... 0,75 mm2)
Accessories (group):Combicom-Stecker für Schaltschrankmodlue
Packaging unit:100 Stück
Connector system::Screw-in system
Specific insulation resistance:(A = 0,75 mm2) 1,5 Ohm
Max. load current:(A = 0,75 mm2) 9 A
AS-Interface product group:AS-Interface accessories
Products specifications
Manufacturer category Sick ASI
Manufacturer Sick