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Sick CS1-N1111 (1012862)

Product Summary

Color Sensor CS1-N1111, NPN One ref. color, scanning distance 12,5mm
Manufacturer: Sick
Manufacturer part number: 1012862
SKU: 147612
Weight(kg): 0.3570

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  • Color recognition in reflected and transmitted light
  • Static Teach-in for objects via the control wire or the operating console
  • Switching frequency 1 kHz
  • Adjustable color selectivity
  • Blanking input

Product features
Sensing distance:12.5 mm
Light source:LED
Type of light:Red, green, blue
Light spot direction:Vertical
Tolerance:± 2 mm
Scanning range:100 mm 250 mm
Light spot size (distance):2 x 4 mm (at 12.5 mm)
Products specifications
Manufacturer category Sick CS
Manufacturer Sick