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Sick DME4000-119S03 (1045252)

Product Summary

Manufacturer: Sick
Manufacturer part number: 1045252
SKU: 185026
Weight(kg): 1.8450

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Pricing - Condition Manufacturer New

£2,381.34 excl VAT
£2,293.23 excl VAT


  • Multiple measurement and positioning options from 0.15 m to 220 m
  • High-speed output rate
  • Very high resolution, repeatability and accuracy
  • Illuminated LC display with measured value output and setup diagnostic information
  • Visible red light and bracket with springs for alignment
  • Variety of interfaces: SSI, RS-422, PROFIBUS, HIPERFACE, CANopen, DeviceNet
  • Your benefits

  • Fast measurement cycles offer optimized integration into control loops for increased productivity
  • Red laser light as well as adjustable mounting brackets (optional accessory) enable fast and easy alignment, ensuring on-time and cost-effective installation
  • Multi-point self checks provide maintenance and replacement warnings increasing overall machine availability
  • A tough metal housing as well as heating and cooling accessories ensure reliability in rough ambient conditions
  • User-friendly display with easy-to-use menu along with external PC/PLC programming offers fast and cost-efficient setup
  • Multiple serial interfaces provide high-speed position output to the controller and high flexibility in application integration
  • Integrated speed monitoring offers additional information for increased process reliability

Measurement range:0.15 m ... 50 m, on reflective tape "Diamond Grade"
Repeatability 1) 2):1 mm
Accuracy:± 3 mm
Light source 3):Laser, red
Typ. light spot size (distance):130 mm (at 70 m)
270 mm (at 150 m)
360 mm (at 220 m)
Output rate:4 ms
Note:CANopen with separate connector
Max. movement speed:10 m/s
Laser class:2 (EN 60825-1 / CDRH)
1) On reflective tape "Diamond Grade"  2) Statistical error 1 s, environmental conditions constant, min. warm-up time 10 min  3) Average service life of 50,000 h at TA = +25 °C  
Data interface:CANopen
CANopen application layer:CiA 301
Supply voltage Vs:DC 18 V ... 30 V, limit values
Ripple 1):< 5 Vpp
Initialization time 2):1.5 s
Weight:Ca. 1,650 g
Output current IA 3):≤ 100 mA
Power consumption:At 24 V DC < 250 mA
Connection type:Male connector, M12, 5-pin
1) May not fall short of or exceed VS tolerances  2) After loss of reflector < 1 s at max. speed Vmax < 1 m/s  3) Short circuit/overload protected. Max. 100 nF / 20 mH  
Ambient data
Enclosure rating:IP 65
Protection class 1):II
Effect of air pressure:0.3 ppm/hPa
Effect of air temperature:1 ppm/K
Temperature drift:Typ. 0.1 mm/K
Ambient temperature:Operation: -10 ... 55 °C
Operation with cooling case: -10 ... 75 °C
Storage: -25 ... 75 °C
Mechanical load:Noise: EN 600 68-2-64
Shock: EN 600 68-2-27 / -2-29
Sine: EN 600 68-2-6
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC):EN 61000-6-2, EN 55011: Class B
1) Reference voltage DC 32 V  
Products specifications
Manufacturer category Sick DME5
Manufacturer Sick