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Sick LMS151-10100 (1047607)

Product Summary

LMS151-10100 Laser Messsystem Outdoor Angular Range: 270° Angular resolution: 0,25° / 0,5 ° Scannfrequenz: 25 Hz/ 50 Hz Interface: RS 232/ Ethernet 3 Switching Outputs IP Class: IP 67 Supply Voltage: 10,8V bis 30V Temperaturrange: -30°C bis 50°C
Manufacturer: Sick
Manufacturer part number: 1047607
SKU: 119175
Weight(kg): 1.3760

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Pricing - Condition Manufacturer New

£4,082.21 excl VAT
£3,931.17 excl VAT


  • Economical measurement sensor
  • Real-time output of measurement data via Ethernet interface
  • Field evaluation using intelligent algorithms and programmable applications
  • Number of switching outputs can be expanded via external CAN modules
  • Parameter setting interface is accessible from the front while the device is mounted
  • Rugged IP 67-rated housing
  • Extended scanning range up to 50 m (with reflectors)

Your benefits

  • Lightweight housing makes it easy to mount
  • No wiring between sender and receiver
  • Advanced filtering technology rigorously reduces false trips caused by outdoor environmental factors like fog, rain and snow
  • Optional external CAN I/O module increases number of switching outputs for greater application flexibility
  • Fast, easy commissioning due to SOPAS software


Field of application
Light source Infrared (905 nm)
Laser class 1 (IEC 60825-1 (2007-3))
Aperture angle 270°
Scanning frequency 25 Hz / 50 Hz
Angular resolution 0.25°
Heating Yes
Operating range 0.5 m ... 50 m
Max. range with 10 % reflectivity 18 m
Amount of evaluated echoes 2
Fog correction Yes


Response time
≥ 20 ms
Detectable object shape Almost any
Systematic error ± 30 mm 1)
Statistical error 12 mm 1)
Integrated application Field evaluation with flexible fields
Number of field sets 10 fields
Simultaneous evaluation cases 10
Products specifications
Manufacturer category Sick LMS111
Manufacturer Sick
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