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Sick Ranger C50 3D Camera (1014216)

Product Summary

Ranger C50 3D Camera 1536x512 pixel sensor 30k profiles/s, CameraLink com interface
Manufacturer: Sick
Manufacturer part number: 1014216
SKU: 182621
Weight(kg): 0.4710

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    • 3D shape inspection at up to 30,000 profiles / s
    • In-machine 3D calibration tool
    • MultiScan technology to measure 3D, contrast, and scatter at the same time
    • Sensor resolutions of up to 1,536 pixels in 3D and 3,072 pixels in gray scale
    • Full flexibility in configuration, working distance, and field of view
    • C and C++ APIs for software integration
    • Easy to integrate via CameraLink interface

Your benefits

  • With speeds of up to 30,000 profiles/s and gray scale resolution up to 3,072 pixels, you can increase production throughput and still see the finest details, ensuring product quality
  • Contrast-independent 3D provides more reliable size and position measurements, regardless of an object’s color or height
  • Full flexibility in the choice of lens and field of view in combination with the easy in-machine 3D calibration tool gives you true millimeter dimensions wherever you need it
  •  Unique MultiScan technology enables one camera do the job of many, reducing the cost for integration, maintenance, and accessories
  • The high level of flexibility and versatility of Ranger C makes it a the best choice for the most challenging tasks
  • Standard CameraLink interface for easy integration


Features<td >Inspection, Measuring, Positioning<td >Ranger C50 - 3D and MultiScan, up to 30 k profiles / second. CameraLink interface, 1,536 x 512 pixels.<td >3DLineScanMultiScan<td >Free of choice by lens selection<td >Encoder triggeredExternal enableFree running<td ><td ><td >400 nm ... 950 nm<td >-<td >CMOS<td >30,000 3D profiles/s<td >1,536 px x 512 px<td >1,536 px<td >1,536 px<td >9.5 µm x 9.5 µm<td >60 %<td >13 bits 1/16 pixel<td >(227, 768)<td >No IR pass filter<td >1,536 px<td >0 ... 511<td >8 bit<td >Ranger Studio<td >CameraLink<td >Windows XP Pro<td >C, C++ (VS 2005/2008/2010)<td >iCon API<td >5 x TTL<td >1 x TTL<td >5 V TTL<td >2 MHz<td >5 V TTL<td >Lemo 14-pin female connector (power, I/O)Mini D Ribbon, MDR, 26 pin female connector (CameraLink)<td >12 V DC ... 24 V DC<td >8 W<td >1.25 A<td >< 5 Vpp<td >IP 20<td >Aluminum<td >Gray, varnished<td >390 g<td >109 mm x 50 mm x 50 mm<td >C-Mount, 1"<td >15 g, 3 x 6 directions<td >5 g, 58 Hz ... 150 Hz<td >5 °C ... 50 °C 1) 2)<td >-20 °C ... 70 °C 3)

Example field of view (H x W):
Data synchronization:
Grayscale measurements:
Scatter measurement:
Spectral range:
Factory calibrated:
Image sensor:
Maximum performance:
Sensor resolution:
3D profile resolution:
Gray line resolution:
Pixel size:
Pixel matrix fill factor:
Maximum 3D height resolution:
Optical center (row, column):
IR filter:
Scatter resolution:
Sensor rows available for 3D:
Bit depth:
Configuration software:
Communication interfaces:
Operating system:
Development environment:
Programming interface:
Digital inputs:
Digital outputs:
Encoder interface:
Maximum encoder frequency:
Control of external illumination:
Supply voltage:
Power consumption:
Power consumption:
Enclosure rating:
Housing material:
Housing color:
Dimensions (L x W x H):
Ambient data
Shock load:
Vibration load:
Ambient operating temperature:
Ambient storage temperature:
1) 3) Non-condensing  2) Camera housing temperature  
Products specifications
Manufacturer category Sick RANGER
Manufacturer Sick
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