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SICK REF-DG-K - Please note: Number of sheets x measurements: 1 sheet of 50x50 → quantity = 2500 (4019634)

Product Summary

Reflective tape Diamond Grade, self-adhesive maximum blank cut: 91,4 cm length x 74,9 cm width Customizable length by sheet. Width max 74.9 cm, length max 31.4 cm
Manufacturer: Sick
Manufacturer part number: 4019634
SKU: 87083
Weight(kg): 0.0001

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Technical data

Description: Diamond Grade reflective tape, self-adhesive, customizable size by sheet
Mounting system type: Self-adhesive
Ambient operating temperature: -34 °C ... 70 °C
Accessory group: Reflectors
Accessory family: Reflective tape
Usable for: DME2000, DME3000, DME4000, DME5000, DML, Dx100, Dx35, Dx50, Dx60, G6, PLG, V12-2, V18 Laser, W100, W11-2, W11G-2, W12 Teflon, W12-2 AS-i, W12-3, W12G, W14-2, W15, W150, W18-3, W18-3 Ex, W23-2, W24-2, W24-2 Ex, W250, W250-2, W260, W27-2, W27-2 AS-i, W27-3, W27-3 Ex, W280, W280-2, W34, W45, W8, W9-3, W9-3 Glass
Reflective area: 74.9 cm x 91.4 cm 1)
1) Customizable length by sheet. Width max. 74.9 cm, length max. 91.4 cm  
Products specifications
Manufacturer category Sick REF
Manufacturer Sick
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