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Sick UE11-4DX2D305 (6024921)

Product Summary

Safety Relay Module UE11-4DX2D30.5
Manufacturer: Sick
Manufacturer part number: 6024921
SKU: 151261
Weight(kg): 0.2790

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Pricing - Condition Manufacturer New

£116.95 excl VAT
£111.10 excl VAT
  • Expansion device allowing for 4 more safety outputs on UE10 relay series
  • 4 safety outputs, 2 application diagnostic outputs
  • Predefined time delays
  • Feedback signal for external device monitoring (EDM)
  • External device monitoring inside the basis device
  • Coded version for all plug-in positions
  • Your benefits

  • Offers all needed contact paths in a compact form
  • Delay time for an optimal protection of a safety brake at a machine
  • Ideal for contact expansion
  • Fast diagnostics via the status information reduces downtime
  • Fast tool-free exchange via coded pluggable terminals
  • Combines the advantages of classic relays and easy circuitry

Type of switching amplifier:Contact expansion module
Emergency stop pushbuttons:-
Safety switches:-
Safety Switch with mechanical lock:-
Two-hand control systems:-
Pressure sensitive mats:-
Opto-electronic protective devices:-
Opto-electronic protective devices without RES/EDM:-
Opto-electronic protective devices with RES/EDM:-
System part:Safety relays
Cross-circuit detection:-
External device monitoring:-
Technical data
Safety integrity level:SIL3 (IEC 61508), SILCL3 (IEC 62061) 1)
Category:Category 4 (EN ISO 13849) 2)
Performance level:PL d (EN ISO 13849) 3)
B10d parameter:1* 1E 06 switching cycles (AC-15, 230 V, I = 0.5 A)
3*1E 05 switching cycles (DC-13, 24 V, I = 2 A)
1.2 * 1E 06 switching cycles (DC-13, 24 V, I = 0.5 A)
PFHd:2.0 * 1E-07
TM (mission time):4 a
Width:22.5 mm
Contact type:Positively driven
Number of enable current contacts:4
Number of delayed deactivation signalling current contacts:2
Delay time:0.5 s
Operating voltage DC:24 V DC
Maximum power consumption DC:2 W
Type of output:Relay contacts
Rated operating current (voltage):6 A (230 V AC) 3600 switching cycles/h
6 A (24 V DC) 360 switching cycles/h
3 A (24 V DC) 3600 switching cycles/h
Maximum switching current:6 A
Maximum total current:12 A
Mechanical life (relay contacts):1*1E 07 switching cycles
Electrical life (relay contacts):2* 1E 06 switching cycles, dependent upon loading, details see operating instructions
Enclosure rating:IP 20
Ambient operating temperature from ... to:-25 °C ... 55 °C
Connection type:Screw-type terminals
1) 2) 3) If the feedback current path Y1 - Y2 (external device monitoring) is monitored using an appropriate main unit  
Products specifications
Manufacturer category Sick UE10
Manufacturer Sick