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Sick UE49-2MM3D3 (6025098)

Product Summary

Sick UE49-2MM3D3 (6025098)
Manufacturer: Sick
Manufacturer part number: 6025098
SKU: 188787
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    UE49 muting modules are intended for use on: Electro-sensitive protective equipments (ESPE) with monitored active switching outputs (OSSD), two-channel, complying with EN 61496-1.

    They enable protective operation with or without the muting function.

    In protective operation with muting, the Muting module differentiates between conveyed goods and persons. The ESPE permits certain objects to penetrate into the hazardous area without the dangerous movement being switched off, whereas persons are excluded.

    The operating modes are selected using a rotary switch. In all operating modes, there is detection of wire breakage at the ESPE connections, and detection, with visual signal, of over and low voltage is also available. In addition, there is a connection for a monitored reset button.

Type of switching amplifier:Muting module
Safety switches:
Opto-electronic protective devices:
Testable opto-electronic protective devices type 2:
Type of connectable electro-sensitive protective equiqment:C4000, M4000, S3000, C2000, M2000
Number of single-beam photoelectric safety switches from ...:1 ... 3
Number of muting sensors:2 ... 4
System part:Safety relays
Input circuit:dual-channel
Reset/restart:Manual / automatic / configurable
External device monitoring:
Muting with override:-
Technical data
Category:Category 4 (EN 954-1)
Width:45 mm
Contact type:Positively driven
Number of enable current contacts:2
Number of signalling current contacts:1
Input delay muting inputs:50 ms
Maximum response time:70 ms
Operating voltage DC:24 V DC
Type of output:Relay contacts
Rated operating current (voltage):8 A (24 V DC) 0.1 Hz
8 A (24 V DC) 0.1 Hz
3 A (230 V AC)
2 A (230 V AC)
Maximum switching current:5 A
Maximum total current:15 A
Mechanical life (relay contacts):1*1E 07 switching cycles
Electrical life (relay contacts):1*1E 05 switching cycles, to AC 15 at 2 A, 230 V AC
Enclosure rating:IP 20
Ambient operating temperature from ... to:0 °C ... 50 °C
Connection type:Screw-terminal connector
Products specifications
Manufacturer category Sick UE4200
Manufacturer Sick