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Sick UM30-215115 (6037673)

Product Summary

Ultrasonic sensor with Display Sensing range 600?6000 (8000) mm Switching Output NPN, inversable
Manufacturer: Sick
Manufacturer part number: 6037673
SKU: 151710
Weight(kg): 0.3180

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£235.62 excl VAT
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  • Integrated time-of-flight technology detects objects such as glass, liquids and transparent foils, independent of color
  • Range up to 8,000 mm
  • Display enables fast and flexible sensor adjustment
  • Immune to dust, dirt and fog
  • Available with combined analog and digital outputs
  • Synchronization and multiplexing
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Three operation modes: Distance to Object (DtO), Window (Wnd) or Object between sensor and background (ObSB)
  • Your benefits

  • Easy machine integration due to compact size
  • Various setup options ensure flexible adaptation to applications
  • Multiplex mode eliminates crosstalk interference for consistent and reliable detection and high measurement reliability
  • Synchronization mode allows multiple sensors to work as one large sensor, providing a low-cost solution for area detection
  • Display enables setup prior to installation, reducing on-site installation time
  • Integrated temperature compensation and time-of-flight technology ensure high measurement accuracy
  • ObSB-mode enables detection of any object between the sensor and a taught background

Resolution:≤ 0.18 mm
Working range, limiting range:600 mm ... 6,000 mm, 8,000 mm
Repeatability 1):± 0.15 %
Accuracy 2) 3):± 1 %
Response time:240 ms
Output rate:60 ms
Switching frequency:2 Hz
Ultrasonic frequency (typical):80 kHz
Detection area (typical):See diagrams
Temperature compensation:
Additional function:Set switching mode: Distance to object (DtO) / Window (Wnd) / Object between sensor and background (ObSB)
Teach-in of switching output
Set levels of switching outputs
Set on delay switching output
Temperature compensation
Synchronization of up to 10 sensors
Multiplexing: no cross talk of up to 10 sensors
Set measurement filters: value filter, filter strength, adjustable sensitivity, foreground suppression and detection area
Reset to factory default
Switch-off display
Switching output invertible
1) 2) Referring to current measurement value  3) Temperature compensation can be switched off, without temperature compensation: 0.17 % / K  
Switching output 1) 2):1 x NPN (200 mA)
Hysteresis:100 mm
Multifunctional input (MF):1 x MF
BETRIEBSREICHWEITE-GR.COLL:600 mm 6,000 mm 8,000 mm
1) Output Q short-circuit protected  2) NPN: HIGH = 2 V / LOW = VS  
Sending axis:Straight
Supply voltage Vs 1) 2):DC 9 V ... 30 V
Power consumption 3):≤ 2.4 W
Initialization time:< 300 ms
Housing material:Nickel-plated brass, PBT
display: TPU
ultrasonic transducer: polyurethane foam, glass epoxy resin
Connection type:Male connector, M12, 5-pin
Indication:LED display, 2 x LED
Weight:270 g
1) Limit values, reverse-polarity protected, operation in short-circuit protected network: max. 8 A  2) 15 V ... 30 V when using analog voltage output  3) Without load  
Ambient data
Enclosure rating:IP 67
Protection class:III
Ambient temperature:Operation: -25 ... +70 °C
Storage: -40 ... +85 °C
Products specifications
Manufacturer category Sick UM30
Manufacturer Sick