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SICK WT34-B410 (1019229)

Product Summary

Photoelectric Proximity Switch WT34-B410, PNP/NPN, Light/Dark switching selector, Plug M12, 4pin, Test input
Manufacturer: Sick
Manufacturer part number: 1019229
SKU: 94394
Weight(kg): 0.1760

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Pricing - Condition Manufacturer New

£196.44 excl VAT
£186.62 excl VAT


  • Precise background suppression at long ranges
  • Immune to ambient light and crosstalk from another sensor
  • Switch selectable PNP or NPN output and light/dark switching
  • Versions with DC voltage (10...30V) or universal AC/DC voltage (12 … 240 V DC / 24 … 240 V AC)
  • Optional test input, adjustable ON and OFF time delays, alarm output
  • M12 or terminal chamber connection: 90° rotatable
  • UL approval

Your benefits

  • Versions with IR LED provide precise object detection at sensing ranges of 2500 mm
  • Immune to ambient light and crosstalk from another sensor, providing reliable operation and less downtime
  • The sensor cover protects configuration components against environmental hazards
  • Adjustable time delay, alarm output, test input, and universal AC/DC voltage provide additional flexibility and reduce the number of part numbers needed

Products specifications
Manufacturer category Sick W34
Manufacturer Sick
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