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Sick XLG0-1900I212 (1045611)

Product Summary

Manufacturer: Sick
Manufacturer part number: 1045611
SKU: 183471
Weight(kg): 5.0100

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Pricing - Condition Manufacturer New

£1,797.21 excl VAT
£1,730.71 excl VAT
  • Highest immunity to sunlight
  • Scratch-resistant front lens
  • Sensing range up to 8.5 m
  • Up to 100 beams possible
  • Resolutions of 10 / 20 / 30 / 50 mm and customer-specific resolutions
  • External teach-in for optimal sensitivity settings
  • Short response time <3 ms
  • Up to 6 PNP/ NPN switching outputs and two switching inputs
  • Your benefits

  • Highest immunity to sunlight for trouble-free operation
  • Intelligent evaluation software saves costs
  • Easy-to-see status information helps avoid interrupting operation, saves costs
  • Different beam spacing options, detection heights and output configurations ensure a reliable solution

Technology:Transmitter / receiver
Task:Measurement light grid
Minimum detectable object (MDO) 1):parallel beam:
Detection height:1,900 mm
Parameterization:Parameterization interface (measuring)
Maximum range 1):7 m
Minimum range:Parallel beam: >=0 mm
Response time 2):parallel beam:
Working range 3):5 m
1) No reserve for environmental issue and deterioration of the diode  2) With resistive load  3) Open angle +- 10°  
Switching output:4 x PNP
Inputs::2 x PNP
Connection type:Terminals
Wave length:950 nm
Supply voltage Vs:DC 18 V 30 V
Residual ripple:10 %
Output current Imax.:100 mA
Output load capacitive:100 nF
Output load inductive:1 H
Initialization time:1 s
Dimensions (W x H x D)::34 mm x 29 mm
Housing material:Aluminum
Indication:7-segment display, LED
Enclosure rating:IP 65
Circuit protection:Output Q short-circuit protected, Interference suppression, VS connections reverse-polarity protected
Weight:4.87 kg
Without load  Typical value  Typical value  
Ambient data
Protection class:III
EMC:EN 60947-5-2
Ambient temperature:Operation: -25 ... 55 °C
Storage: -40 ... 70 °C
Ambient light safety 1):Direct: >=150,000
indirect: >=200,000
Vibration resistance:5 g, 10 Hz ... 55 Hz, IEC 68-2-6
Shock resistance:10 g / IEC 68-2-29 / 16 ms
1) SunlightSunlight  
Products specifications
Manufacturer category Sick MLG
Manufacturer Sick