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Siemens UID Compliance Verifier LDP (for labels and data plates) (6GF3020-0UD20-0CK1)

Product Summary

UID Compliance Verifier, LDP (for labels and data plates)
Manufacturer: Siemens
Manufacturer part number: 6GF3020-0UD20-0CK1
SKU: 89375
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Product features

  • Ideal for quick, easy verification of labels
    or data plates

  • Allow complete compliance to Unique
    Identification standards and requirements

  • Fully integrated design provides camera,
    lighting and fixed optics – ideal for factory

  • Provides Reporting and Archive of UID
    verification results for backup and compliance

  • One button operation makes verification easy

  • New AIM DPM verification capabilities

  • Backwards compatible to each UID MIL-STD-130

Product description

The UID Compliance Verifier, LDP (for labels and data plates)consists of a standalone desktop unit that is connected to a host PC. The unit contains the appropriate fixed lighting and lens necessary to complete the required data syntax string checking and Data Matrix print quality grading. The UID Compliance Verifier, LDP is for labels and data plates up to 3,17 mm (1/8'') in thickness.

The delivered UID Compliance Verifier, LDP consists of the following components.

  • UID LDP Benchtop Verifier

  • UID LDP Power Supply

  • Ethernet network cable

  • UID NIST Calibration Card

  • UID Compliance Test Card

  • UID Checker Software

  • Ethernet Cross Link Adapter

  • Serial Communications Cable

  • Getting Started Guide

Products specifications
Manufacturer category Microscan UID
Manufacturer Siemens