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Banner PPROCTLBCR (3076115)

PresencePLUS ProII Color Controller w/BCR; Stored Inspections:999; I/O:6 configurable-NPN/PNP Function Timing; Requires Camera PPROCAM & 1 PPC_ _ cordset
£2,991.10 excl VAT

Cognex IS7402-01-550-000 (IS7402-01-550-000)

IS7402 without PatMax, 16mm, IR light
£8,071.83 excl VAT

Cognex IS7402-11-110-000 (IS7402-11-110-000)

IN-SIGHT 7402 with PatMax, 6mm, Red light
£8,579.66 excl VAT

Cognex IS7402-11-230-000 (IS7402-11-230-000)

IN-SIGHT 7402 with PatMax, 8mm, Green light
£7,100.71 excl VAT

In-Sight Micro 1403 with PatMax (ISM1403-11)

In-Sight Micro 1403 with PatMax (ISM1403-11)
Call for pricing

Cognex IS7402-11-540-000 (IS7402-11-540-000)

IS7402 with PatMax, 16mm, Blue light
£8,579.66 excl VAT

Cognex IS7402-C01 (IS7402-C01)

IN-SIGHT 7402 1280x1024,COLOR,NO LGT
£8,174.28 excl VAT

Cognex IS7402-C11-120-000 (IS7402-C11-120-000)

IN-SIGHT 7402 1280x1024,COLOR,6MM,WHT
£9,189.94 excl VAT

Cognex IS7410-01-140-000 (IS7410-01-140-000)

IN-SIGHT 7410 ID Reader, 6mm, Blue Light
£3,911.18 excl VAT

Cognex IS7410-01-410-000 (IS7410-01-410-000)

IS7410 ID Reader, 12mm, Red Light
£5,033.75 excl VAT