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Vision Systems

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Cognex IS7400-01-520-000 (IS7400-01-520-000)

IS7400 800X600/W/O/PMAX,16MM,W
£7,238.81 excl VAT

Cognex IS7400-01-550-000 (IS7400-01-550-000)

IS7400 without PatMax, 16mm, IR light
£5,951.41 excl VAT

Cognex IS7400-01-610-000 (IS7400-01-610-000)

IS7400 without PatMax, 25mm, Red light
£5,831.14 excl VAT

Cognex IS7400-11-120-000 (IS7400-11-120-000)

IN-SIGHT 7400 with PatMax, 6mm, White light
£6,708.70 excl VAT

Cognex IS7400-11-130-000 (IS7400-11-130-000)

IN-SIGHT 7400 with PatMax, 6mm, Green light
£6,387.97 excl VAT