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Zebra 105912-003 (105912-003)

Product Summary

Adhesive Cleaning rollers for P3/4. Pack of 5
Manufacturer: Zebra
Manufacturer part number: 105912-003
SKU: 101860
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£22.00 excl VAT
£16.50 excl VAT

Adhesive Cleaning rollers for P3/4

Adhesive Cleaning rollers for P3/4. Pack of 5

Clean printers mean better image quality and longer lasting print heads. With Zebra you have access to a full line of cleaning supplies that will help maintain printer performance and prolong the life of your Zebra card printer. Regular use of Genuine Zebra Cleaning Supplies will keep your card printer clean and extend life of critical printer parts including printhead transport rollers and magnetic encoders. Routine printer cleaning also results in better quality full color card images.

Cleaning rollers are installed in the cleaning cartridges. Cleaning rollers are made up of adhesive based rollers. The adhesive rollers pick up debris from blank cards prior to printing. Adhesive rollers should be replaced periodically.

Products specifications
Manufacturer category Zebra Auto ID Spares
Manufacturer Zebra